About Us

Rhino Limited sources the Cut Flowers and non-seasonal fruits and vegetables from only the best growers in East Africa and a significant portion of our fruits and vegetables from local farms and greenhouses as seasonally available. Due to the region's diverse micro climates we are able to source for product grown at the correct altitude as they attain the required specifications. We manage weather risk sourcing by procuring product from farms in different areas. We offer our clients only unbeatable high quality products which are diversified to suit each individual needs and adapt with the changing market.

At Rhino Limited we get involved from farm to market, guaranteeing year round productivity and traceability to ensure the end product is delivered on time and top condition. Our position in the market has been achieved through long term programmes and strategies aimed at ensuring product quality, innovative products, low shipping costs, diversity of sourcing locations, state-of-the-art logistics with our freight agent and competitive pricing.
Currently we specialize our supply of flowers to clients in the Middle East and Asia with a capacity for growth for markets around the world.

Our Objective
Our objective is to provide the best products to keep our customers satisfied Our strategy
Our strategy is to bring a broad and well balanced line of secure, high-quality cut flowers, fruit and vegetables to our strategic clients. This is made possible through detailed knowledge of our customers and ever increasing control over the entire export value chain. In an environment of increasing demands on the part of export depending with the season and occasion, Rhino Limited has the tools to continually meet these demands. Inspired by our client’s constant quest for creativity and innovation, our sourcing scour the many flower, fruits and vegetable g rowers all over the country in search of new combinations.